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This is the best place to start your journey in becoming a Web Developer.
October 25, 2017
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Marco Pietro Caramaschi
Beware: all you can find here is real awesomeness! This guy is amazing, he's drove by a real passion for what he does and most importantly he is always ready to help and give you good hints, advices and tutorials. I couldn't be more grateful to have find this page and have met him in person. If you want to be a great web developer, codetap is the answer! Thank you Marian!
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This page is amazing and really.. Live tutoring is really helpful.
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Thanks so much for taking time out to help me and guiding me. Your advise was very informative and real feedback which I can act on. Thanks again. I shall forward a few people from another Facebook group of self studying developers.
December 20, 2017
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This is a great platform that every beginner developer needs to follow. It is the place where you can ask questions and get all your answers about 'HOW'. The instructor is super friendly, helpful and informative.I am delighted to be a follower and a part of this platform
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Very helpful ! Very reliable! I can just recommend for everyone on every level!
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For some reason, Marian teaches things that I actually want to learn in Web Development. He will go down in my books as another inspirational figure that I will gladly follow. Thanks Marian! I appreciate your work.
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Lots of courses to help you find your first job as a web developer. I did it in 1 month and 21 days, can you beat my record ?!
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Join our group and become a professional Front Web Developer in less than 5 months !
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Who made it so far?

Iulian Carnaru became a Junior Web Developer

How I received my first offer for a Junior UI Developer position? It has been a great journey. Since September 2018 I was putting long hours in coding, learning as much as possible and with Marian Zburlea and CodeTap team support and guidance I managed to make my dream to become reality. Is not enough to work hard, without a direction and without a right set of mind it might take ten times longer to get there. I am so happy that I joined the CodeTap family and I want to thank again to everyone. Best decision ever made!

Flavius Bohaciuc became a Mid Web Developer

After I landed in London, I was like: OK! Now what?

I took the first job as an electrician, working with some friends and family.

After one year I wanted a change in my life, I reached to CodeTap and I coded my first website in the first two weeks, learning that I can do it and how to do it.

After almost three months of practicing and learning, Marian pushed me to create my CV and to start applying for jobs.

Now I'm a successful mid Web Developer aiming to build the future using Augmented Reality.

Dorin Dumitrascuta become Junior Web Developer

After a first touch with the gaming industry, getting a taste for game development, user experience and design, I got attracted more and more by front-end development.

Having firm grasp of Digital Marketing under my belt, I wanted to take my skills to the next level and also be able to code on my own, share ideas with others and overall, be a better asset in multi-disciplinary teams.

With a life ahead of constant learning, I as a student realize now that the shortcut is hard work.

Laurentiu Tanase is an amzing Expert Web Developer

CodeTap is awesome! It tought me how to contribute to a project as team member and how to be a better programmer.

Marian Zburlea is an amzing Expert Web Developer

CodeTap is a life changer! I started to learn as far as I remember at the age of 4 and I didn't stop to this day. I learn new things every day and I teach at CodeTap what I do on a daily basis myself. In other words, I'm a students just like you, further down the road and I experience the same market, I attend the same interviews, I talk to the same clients and I enjoy the same new technologies.

Carol Enache became a Mid Web Developer

I am coming from a hospitality background and was able to change my career thanks to CodeTap.

I had no prior computer programming experience but with Marian's mentorship I had penetrated an industry that I would not even dreamed of before.

By following CodeTap’s curriculum I was learning to code while I was already setting my self up for interviews and building an impressive portfolio using the latest techniques.

CodeTap is filtering the information and narrows down the focus to what is the most relevant in the market, turning you into a desired candidate in a very short time.

After only a few months, I started receiving loads of phone calls. I am currently at my second job and increased my salary with 50%. I highly recommend CodeTap, it will change your path for the best, either if you want to become a Web Developer or just to improve your skills.

Tom Williams is an amzing Senior Web Developer

Codetap is completely different to any online course or training I've ever seen. It's intensive, you will be thrown in at the deep end, but at the end of it you'll know the practical, effective techniques for web development for the year 2019.

But more than that, it's exposed me to a community of developers that have an amazing passion for excellence. It's a community where everyone gives their time and expertise to help each other learn and grow, no questions asked.

Răzvan Pușcașu became a Junior Web Developer

After 2 years of maritime navigation around Europe, one day, I've decided I need a career change. That's when CodeTap showed up on my Facebook page. Ever since day 0, I was able to build and to understand how websites work, even though I had no knowledge before I started. Managed to get my first job on the first interview I had, after only 1 month and 17 days of hardcore coding for a minimum of 6 hours per day. So, I'm challenging you to break my record ! 😀

Cate Zee became a Web Developer - Freelancer

I wanted to learn about coding and web development because I was interested in developing skills in technology for my future. Looking for a simple coding course, I came across CodeTap and Marian and afterwards I started on the first playlist when I was eleven years old.

Since I joined CodeTap, I've learned how to build websites and gain an understanding of different coding languages.

Whenever I had a problem or a question, I asked Marian and the CodeTap group and they were ready to help me.

I'm really keen to master more programming languages with Marian and the group. They're really understanding and knowledgeable.

CodeTap is amazing!

Daniel Varvara became a Web Developer

I didn't even know what a website was outside the browser and I start building my first website on day ONE. Marian has been a great teacher and kept in focus always the most important lessons to build a robust knowledge tree in a fast and efficient way. You will find him picking you up from the corn fields as soon as you drift away from what's important. Another very important aspect is that coding with CodeTap has equipped me with tricks only acquired trough over 20 years of hard work and best practice coding (you'll soon know what 'best practice' means) and experience that Marian has managed to compress into proper and easily digestible gems. This has launched me far ahead of my competition. Once my resume website was finished, Marian narrowed down the essentials of how to deal with an interview and build confidence by preparing ahead. Also making sure I was visible to employers on all major job platforms. Once launched on the job market my phone didn't stop ringing. Even today I'm still being called at least 5 times a day and all my job platforms accounts are shut.

I've landed my first 2 face-2-face interviews in the first 3 weeks from the launch. I failed the first one but landed my first job offer in the second interview.

I now work at Bookatable and also made partner in a Tech Startup that will revolutionize the world.

So, yeah. If you code, you better CodeTap!

Istvan Acs became a Junior Web Developer

After 4 years of doing jobs what I didn't like and felt my work worth nothing, after some research I found CodeTap. I started building websites from day one and I was able to understand how websites work without any knowledge before. I really enjoyed learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript and a lots of cool stuff from Marian. He motivated me every day to not giving up and I managed to get my first job after a couple of interviews. Now I am working as a junior web-developer at a cool company and now I feel my work is worth something and that's what you guys can get when joining to the CodeTap family!

Vlasie Dragoș became a Junior Web Developer

Hi, my name is Dragoș Vlasie, I am a self-taught junior web developer, currently working in London.

I decided to pursue this passion over a year ago, I managed to learn the basics on my one, I could make a website, I understood a bit of javascript, but I just couldn't get to the next step.

I tried and failed many times and I was actually thinking of giving up on this dream. But then I saw some posts from Marian on freecodecamp, I thought he was far too optimistic at first and didn't believe that it could be as simple as he was saying, but as time went by I got the courage to sent him a message and ask for help.

After that, Marian was incredibly helpful and very nice he helped me a lot, he is great mentor taught me so much and showed me that I shouldn't be scared to dream big.

Under his guidance, I managed to learn about node, pug and most importantly how a developer should think and what he should be prepared in especialy for the job market.

After 2 months I started applying for jobs. I was surprised that I got so many phone calls from recruiters then I got to go to a few interviews and then, finaly got a job.

I definetly owe a lot to Marian and after all this I think my only regret is, that I dint asked for help sooner.

Marco Pietro Caramaschi became a Junior Web Developer

Beware: all you can find here is real awesomeness! This guy is amazing, he's drove by a real passion for what he does and most importantly he is always ready to help and give you good hints, advices and tutorials.

I couldn't be more grateful to have find this page and have met him in person.

If you want to be a great web developer, codetap is the answer! Thank you Marian!


Iulian Schifirnet will become Junior Web Developer

My name is Julian and I'm 15 years old. I'm passionate about programming especially about the web.

It was a boring day and I was losing time doing something for myself or my future. Until ... I found a video of Marian about how a student of his has hired himself in 3 months as a web developer. The video lightened my mind and opened the way to a future where I wanted to be!

I started to work hard every day (even now) for 5 hours a day and I managed to master 14 technologies I never knew about. Marian and his community were like an angel, and every time I knew something it's wrong I was asking, and these benevolent people always answered me!

The principle that I guess is like that "Targets to the moon. Even if you do not, at least you will be among the stars."

Cătălin Sandru will become Junior Web Developer

It started about one year ago. I was trying to improve myself to get out of the jobs that where not improving me. I started to do some tutorials on codecademy, but it was not that serious. Then I saw a live coding show of CodeTap on Facebook that got my attention. I have hesitated a looooong time to contact Marian (I am a bit shy), but after that I took coding in a more serious manner.

I have created small simple webpages, learned and still learning how PUG Starter works; how to deal with errors etc. I've also learned some coding sintax, that is very important in web build; to refractor the code so I will not repeat myself... and many other things still to come to my knowledge.

In the last few years I have realised that coding is the "new" thing. The reason I have started coding is that I want to have some income, not a high one. I also want to have the independence to work form any part of the world and not form a 9 to 5 in an office.


The help of CodeTap has reached millions in a BIG or Small way, directly or indirectly. As everyone is different so are the paths we take.

Employee in I.T.

To be an employee in the Internet Technology is the most common opportunity taken.


  • it's easy to understand and relate to as most people do it
  • it's accessible as it's the most offered on the market by numbers
  • it's one of the most well paid job you can have
  • having a degree is optional - most employers don't ask for one as they look for people that can do or are able to figure things our more than people that look good on paper
  • it is one of the quickest to start bring revenue in the short term and most of the time is quite steady


  • Although it starts bringing money in quickly and is a top paid job that will bring a smile on your face it also has the lowest potential.
  • All the other opportunities need to be persued for the long run and usually bring in unexpected and unbelievable results.
  • The safe way would be to get employed in a job while investing time in one of the other opportunities


From what I know this is the second most common opportunity.


  • It's very similar to being an employee in what you do with the exception that you are your own boss.
  • Most of the time you take small to medium projects and aim to deliver them to the agreed deadline.
  • I would say most freelancers enjoy the freedom of having their own schedule


  • You will be earning a bit less than as an employee, usually because you lack skills in business development and marketing
  • There is additional stress to always be hunting for clients
  • There is some paperwork to be done here and there


This is one for the bold and the PRO


  • It allows you to gain lots of experience
  • You can live the life of a little star
  • You can sustain your own ideas and start-up your own business


  • It's only for the bold ones that aren't afraid to do calculated risks
  • You might get called in a meeting only to let you know that in 1 or 2 weeks the deal is off, usually when projects get restructured. Contractors go first before employees
  • Usually it's aimed for professionals or seniors, but this is not a rule as there is room for exceptions
  • Usually you get called to fix problems in a timely matter and ocasionally employees might not be as friendly as expected, so a bit of stress or more might be part of the job

Own a business or become an influencer

The next level up from Contractor


  • You can achieve a lot in a short time
  • You can create movements, be part of great things and why not, write history
  • It's going to be exciting and amazing for a long time
  • You can live the life of a super star
  • You can sustain your own ideas and start-up more of your own business


  • It's only for the bold ones that aren't afraid to do calculated risks
  • You might fail big time
  • You might fail multiple times until you get it right
  • The learning curve is quite high
  • Stress will be your friend and your enemy at the same time

Zero to One Course

start earning between £20,000 and £50,000 per year

Start Course Now

What do you get?

Knowledge and Experience

  • work in an real world environment replica, using software, technologies, techniques and methodologies that other companies use
  • work on your own projects, which will create your portfolio and strengthen your identity
  • build your killer CV - this is one of the big BONUSes, as often students get as much as 10 to 30 calls a day the record being 265 calls in a week
  • enhance your online presence through account on GitHub, StackOverflow, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc
  • work in a team and master collaboration skills, one of the heavy weight abilities one must have in an interview
  • at the end it'll be like switching to a new job, not getting your first
I want that knowledge!

Real world projects

  • Setup tools to speed up development
  • VS Code editor - NodeJS & Gulp - Git and GitHub
  • Day1: Build your first webpage and have your website online without having any knowledge about domain name server, hosting, file management or having to buy a domain name
  • Build 'my portfolio'
  • Build 'my resume'
  • Understand pagespeed and SEO
  • Achive perfect Google pagespeed score
  • Intro to JavaScript and React
  • build offline resume
  • register on job portals
My precious websites! Give 'em all

Enhance your mindset

  • motivation - show how to think positive, convert excuses into obstacles and overcome them
  • advice - show you the many mistakes I've made and how to avoid them
  • goal - help you define and set targets so you can continuously evolve
  • support - be "next" to you every step from coding challenges to interview questions and getting hired
  • coaching - enhance your skills with minimum required and the best of the best techniques and technologies
  • direction - guide you on the right path when you wonder off your path
  • Job Hunting - lots of tips & tricks to prepare ahead of the interview as well as how to dominate an interview and succeed even in a failure
  • success - this is where we party to celebrate a BIG success for you another one for CodeTap
Motivated Enough? Let's Start

One to Hero Course

start earning between £50,000 and £200,000 per year

What do you get?

You get to be a freakin' legend and live like in the movies

I made my dream come true. I drive a Tesla and experience 0 to 60 mph in 2.5 seconds every red light I stop at as first and it's safe to do it. It's bananas!

This course is only available to students that have finished the first course, Zero to One

You can still contact CodeTap for a quick chat if you want a boost in your career.

Let`s have a chat

CodeTap Stats

  • 5 of 5 stars
  • Over 5 million views
  • Over 70 000 subscribers across FaceBook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram
  • Stackoverflow - top 6%

Find a way to say: Hi! You're only one decision away from an amazing journey that'll last the rest of your life. The journey to live better.

Contact Codetap or Marian Zburlea, the founder

Courses on YouTube

Forever FREE on YouTube

Before we start coding

No clue about coding or web development? This is where you'll find out how a web page works, what technologies bring it alive in front of your eyes.

Watch on YouTube

Everyone can code - the beginning

Start building your first website! Master HTML and discover various text editors to help you write better code faster and more efficiently.

Watch on YouTube

Learn to Code like a PRO for beginners

This is the way all my successful students have taken to get familiar with HTML5 and CSS3 without knowing anything about coding before.

Watch on YouTube

Your resume online for free using HTML5 and CSS3

Your online presence, your CV using pure CSS3 and HTML5 techniques. Discover how to achieve perfect Google Page Speed score while you're building your first cool project to share with friends and family, impress recruiters and have a strong selling point towards employers or clients.

Watch on YouTube

Quick Blog

Build your first online awesome Blog using pure CSS3 and HTML5 techniques. You'll master how to use responsive web design to build multiple pages, mobile first approach, eliminate block rendering content and many more. Of course you'll also find out how to achieve perfect Google Page Speed score while you're building your first cool project to share with friends and family, impress recruiters and have a strong selling point towards employers or clients.

Watch on YouTube

Boost my website

In this series of boost my website we take Roberto Blake's website and rebuild it from scratch achieving 100/100 perfect Google PageSpeed score. The value of this work is about $3000, which means, mastering it would bring you valuable opportunities.

Watch on YouTube

How to make money as a web developer

TIPS on how to start earning $20,000 to $30,000 as a Junior web developer and reach $200,000 as a Senior web developer per year. This may vary based on your location.

Watch on YouTube

Meet Pug (former Jade) template language

Pug is the most popular and one of the best template engines for HTML.

Its features are used by all levels of coders however it's a blessing for beginners as it improves understanding and speeds up the learning process.

Watch on YouTube

Junior Web Developer Test - we make websites

István Ács and Marian will attempt to solve a coding test challenge for a real job! Can you do it?

Coding is fun! Ultra mega coding

Watch on YouTube

Job Test challenges and solutions

From Junior to Senior real world job tests me or my students have been given the opportunity to have fun at it. Come on with me on a journey you might encounter quite soon, the technical part where you want to convince the other party that they want you!

Watch on YouTube

ReactJS for beginners

Marian, founder of CodeTap and Carol Enache, currently top successful student are having good times and bad times while dealing with React to solve a cocktail recipe problem.

Watch on YouTube


How can I start studying programming?
Good question. The first step is to open your computer or laptop. You do not need anything else ... just open it and you have everything you need to create your first web page. I'm serious. There is no need to install or download any programs. All you have to do is to press the power button if the computer is turned off. If it's turned on, sit in front of it, open a browser, visit YouTube, search for the term "CodeTap", click on the channel with the red icon, the oblique bar and the greater sign and get on the CodeTap channel on YouTube. Here you click on the "PLAYLISTS" tab, find the playlist with the name: "Everyone can code" and starte watching it. To make it easier, we've prepared a special course you want to follow, step by step. The course is very easy, designed to be tracked by a 4-6 year old child. All you want to do is be careful and relax. It will be fine.
When can I start?
There are three options, and the answer depends on what you want to choose: 1) YouTube courses are free and you can start right away. This option is recommended if you have all the time in the world, an iron will and a history to get things done. 2) On May 26, 2019, we'll pre-launch the "Paid Courses" option. Visit, the prices are displayed on the website. From our paid money, we support our staff, so feel free to press the "Buy" or "Enroll" button. But, DO NOT FORGET, CodeTap started to support the programmer community, so we will offer support to the exceptional people without a question. Some courses will have the option to pay something or nothing and get the same content. Always check the offers on the website or get in touch with us and tell us your story, you could benefit from discounts up to 100%. 3) Mentor 1 to 1: reopened as of April 1, 2019. At CodeTap, we are proud with over 25 hires in record time, most of them being beginners, from scratch. The beginner students who became Junior Web Developer with CodeTap earn an average of over £ 33500 annually. Midlevels earn over £ 50000 annually or are in the process of getting over this threshold, while seniors are in the 6-digit area per year.
Can anyone study programming, even she/he doesn’t have knowledge in the field?
Very good question. I will respond by telling who CodeTap students are or were. Most CodeTap students did not have any tangency with programming. They were in jobs like plumbers, waiters, realtors, electricians, taxi drivers, brick layers, painters, bartenders, etc. The youngest CodeTap student began at 11 years old, now she is 12 years old, and she makes websites after websites. She has, with the consent of her father, three clients to make their websites. The oldest is 62. A small story to add: my oldest workmate named Andy, at that time of the story was of age 72. He was working side by side with me and earning the same as me, about £400 a day. In this job it does not matter age, sex or sexual orientation, skin color or religion. What everyone had in common was the desire to make a change, and they were given the opportunity to work with their heads and not with their backs.
It is possible to work from home, afterwards?
Sure you can. Even under many forms. For starters, homework can bring you a much lower income than one at client's office. The more you grow in your experience and portfolio, the greater the chances of earning more working from home office. If you want to be paid as well as a home office, all you have to do is to prove to the employer that you are as productive when you work from home or even more efficiently and productively and you can work that way. Only someone crazy would refuse to receive more on the same investment. I also want to add the fact that you want to be good and confident, for the level you are: Junior, Medium or Senior, so you have a good chance to convince your employer. Speaking from my own experience, the most common is to work 1-3 days at home and 1-3 days in the office, which I am more satisfying than work just from home or just from the office.
How much does it cost with and without a mentor?
Visit, the prices are displayed on the website. Courses with a dedicated mentor or teacher, who will guide you from start to geting employed throughout, from codes, resumes, and interviews, are divided into three: Level 1 - The shortest possible time for Zero to Hired. Mentoring is until you get on a salary between £ 30,000 and £ 50,000 per year or a maximum of one year from the start date. In the event of becoming employed on a lower salary, mentoring continues until a promotion of at least £ 30,000 per year or up to one year from the start date. Payment options: 1) the full £ 8000 payment, where you have the highest priority; 2) payment in installments: £ 750 deposit then £ 250 minimum per month until payment of £ 8000. In the first month after hiring, the minimum rate increases to £ 500 until the remaining amount is paid. The deposit will be refunded only upon payment of the full amount only and no sooner. 3) the full £ 8000 payment, where you have the highest priority, with the possibility to get your money back. After a year of starting, if you have not started earning yet and have spent the minimum of 10 hours a week, we start to give you your money back. Note: For b and c you need to pass a simple test and have at least 10 hours a week for practice and learn. We reserve the right to select accepted students. Level 2 - Active mentoring until you get to earn between £ 70,000 and £ 100,000 per year or maximum 1 year from the start date. There may be a passive mentorship that will help you reach £ 150,000 - £ 200,000 annually. We reserve the right to select students. Level 3 - It's not about mentoring but about partnership
If you choose the option with the mentor is the employment guaranteed?
Very good question. has two answers: yes and no. CodeTap DOES NOT guarantee employment, nor will it do it, but we pride ourselves with a 100% success in the first two years of all those who have gone through the program, over 25 hires. Let me repeat that for you, I said: ALL those who have done the job and made the effort have succeeded. To get the answer Yes, the one who guarantees employment is you. You are the only person who stops you from succeeding or what can guarantee your success.
Is there a specific place for study?
Soon we will also open a class where we can meet more often and more at once. At the moment, face-to-face meetings are done at CodeTap Studio and we are getting crowded. London is a big city, and for those separated by distances even greater, we will study together using the technologies that surround us. Preferably Zoom for voice, video and computer sessions at a distance. The first place is the comments on YouTube, the messages on the CodeTap group. In a nutshell, you will study where you find it convenient, at home or at work if it allows you time.
How many hours per day do I have to study?
You can study how long you want in your free time. If you were selected for paid installments, then you want to spend at least 10 hours a week. I answered a question, now you continue with another message. You learn for yourself and everything you acquire, such as experience and abilities will help you find your first, second, tenth job much faster, will help you to be promoted, to get on your career not on the ladder, not on the elevator, but with "JET PaCK". All students who have succeeded faster than 3 months have devoted any free time to them for their new purpose. Razvan succeeded from Zero to Hired in a month and 17 days. To reach this practical performance he learned and practiced at least 6 hours a day. You want to practice and learn as much as possible, even if you have to cut some of the movies or sleep.
Do you have examples of other students who have succeded and hired?
Definetely. By March 20, 2019, CodeTap has succeeded through its students over 25 employments. Some of the successful students are on the website at: You can talk to them, everyone is friendly. You can find out their story, how they went through courses, where they work now, etc. The question from CodeTap is: Do you want to be a success story on the CodeTap website? Do you want to inspire those like you that everything is possible as long as you have the will and can ease and accelerate the process to the maximum with the help of CodeTap?
How long does it take you to start studying until you will get the first junior web developer job?
Very good question. It all depends on how much you want this to happen. The next is your time and your ability to focus on the mentor's advice and the material presented to you. It does not matter how many courses you are doing, but how many techniques you have mastered, or at least how many you understand, and you are able to talk about them freely. The minimum needed would be to remember how to solve a particular situation and to be able to return to the example of the course and adjust the information to your problem to solve it. All this will speed you up. Among the beginner students, Razvan, with a record one month and 17 days since landing in London, left the sailor's job behind and embraced the web developer until the day has received a contract as a Junior Web Developer to one of the UK's largest telephony companies, Romania and other countries. It is followed by the majority, two, three or four months old. Are you wondering who is first? Well, CodeTap founder, Marian Zburlea (I mean, if I'm the one who is responding) with a 7-day record from Zero to Employee.
What it will happen, if during study time, there will be an error in the code and I cannot find a solution to sort it out?
Good question. You will meet with this daily life throughout your life as a programmer. The process will become trivial. Practically, as a beginner, when an error occurs, you want to be happy. 90% of the situations are where the error occurs with a message that tells you exactly the line and the character where the problem occurs. The bigger problem would be if something went wrong and we had no erors to point use to the issue that appeared. Let's go through the process of resolving an error or finding a solution for the project. The first step is to read the error. Often you get a bundle of hard-to-understand words. You want to look for the readable part for us, people. "At Object.Curalate.FanReel.callbacks. (: 8080 / anonymous function) [as cb_360376]" will not tell you much while "Uncaught TypeError: Can not read property 'getBoundingClientRect' of undefined at carousel.js: 15 says that on line 15 of the carousel.js file you want to pay attention. If you know how to do it, go for it, if you do not, you take that error message and you search for it on Google. Here you want to make the general question. Your line 15 may be for someone else line 478, while "Can not read property 'getBoundingClientRect' of undefined" will produce many results on Google. You take them one by one, one at a time, and you see what helps you understand what's going on. Once you understand the problem, you can apply a solution if you know it or even have a guess. If not, back to the searches. If that did not work, make a list of all your attempts, put them nicely in a document, and present them to a mentor or someone with a greater understanding. In most cases, one of the solutions you've tried and failed with a little twist turns out to be a good solution. Of course, you can get tips to tackle the problem differently, in a faster, better way, etc. Attention: When a senior person like a mentor or a work colleague takes time for you, which means that his job is stopped, you want to be grateful by being very careful and pay attention to the process of solving. It is MORE important to learn how the problem has been solved than to enjoy having a solution to that problem. Pay close attention, forcibly if necessary, repeat in your head, take notes. From a business point of view, the time of a senior is much more precious than your time as a beginner, so learn to appreciate the help to its true value.
How much is the minimum wage for a Junior Web Developer?
Very interesting question. It certainly varies from where you apply. Is it London or Constanta? I start by answering what is important from a salary point of view, after which I will continue with some examples. Salary and how it should look. The most important monthly expenses are: rent, food and transport. Most other expenses may be optional or postponed. I regard salary as the amount that remains in my hand as a result of the difference between salary and expenses. It is much more important what remains in your hand at the end of the month. If you have a £ 1200 monthly salary and £ 1000 expenses, you'll end up with £ 200. If the rent was £ 1500, a total expense or £ 2200 would not sound good. But if that allows you to win £ 3000 instead of £ 1200, you end up at the end of the month with £ 800. Well, now that you have a more realistic perspective on how to look at your salary and make good decisions following a minimal arithmetic effort, let's move on to salary examples. In London or England, I have not heard of a salary of less than £ 16,000 per year as a Web Developer. Media published on the Internet for a Junior Web Developer is £ 25,000 annually across all of England. The average CodeTap students' salary, calculated last time in 2018, was £ 33,500 per year. Be free to search on Google: "According to the 2016 Stack Overflow survey of over 56,000 coders, mentoring programs correlate with higher pay than college degrees." Now you are starting to get a more general picture of the role of a mentor from a financial point of view, in addition to the ease and shortness of getting from point A to point B.
Do you have to study alone or there is someone to help you with?
You will have continuous access to the CodeTap community and mentor. Depending on the method of payment, the amount of time you get from 1 to 1 varies. You will practice and learn through practice. CodeTap was born with the intention of being as effective as possible, and therefore methods of addressing information assimilation will be appropriate. Therefore, it does not resemble traditional methods of study. Half of the techniques will teach you through simple observation and repetition, working continuously on real projects, most or all of your projects remaining yours after completing the interaction with CodeTap. You'll even get the ability to create websites and put them online, right from the first project, to make them load faster than you can blink, which puts them in the top 1% of the fastest websites in the world. You will understand what issues appear to motivate a user to leave a website and then improve the user experience by implementing practices that will increase your Google Page Speed ​​score to 100/100, PERFECT score. This means that your users will benefit from well-optimized websites, and Google as well as other search engines will position you better. That's what makes clients that desire PROFESSIONAL websites want you badly and pay you very good.
What does it mean mentoring?
Mentoring is to have a dedicated teacher who will guide you to understand how the web works, the problems faced by website users, the difficulties of creating and maintaining a website and their solutions. At the same time, you will be helped to master the art of writing a resume and interviewing art so you can get to dozens of phones a day and the opportunity to get more offers at the same time to have choices. You will be helped and guided all the way from Zero to Employee from all points of view related to your success. Courses are designed to address as many situations and people as possible. They are very good to submit general information. Every student, including you, is unique, you have different knowledge and experiences, the ability to understand or assimilate different. You are different from one another. With the help of the mentor, each course will be customized for you so you can understand how it works.
What is the difference between Codetap and other offers?
Very good question. Let's list some features that highlight us: We stay with you from Zero to the Hired, on the code, resume, interview, moral support, and more. Our material is continuously updated to have market advantage by mastering the latest techniques and technologies. We teach you alongside HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc., the dynamics in an I.T. company, how to be efficient and evolve in your career quickly by becoming good as fast as possible. The material is not taught from books but from own work experience. You are not guided from things we hear, but from our own or colleagues experience, real word scenarios and facts.
What chances do I have to be employed if I study intensively?
Good question. If it is to compare a student who passes quickly through material with a lot of free time and a student passing slowly through the material, assuming they are doing similar steps, the chances of hiring will be the same or very close. The only thing different will be how fast you will get hired, those who will be employed having the advantage that they will continue to practice day by day this time, most of the time will be in the workplace where it is also rewarded. You will continue to learn while being paid at the same time. The chances of engagement are given by your training in presentation in combination with your skills that fit the job description requirements. So you end up with the answer: you have equal chances with a slower studying student. Do not forget, you can ask questions to the students who have succeeded, both those in 1-2-3 months and those who have courage later, at
How can I get in touch with students who have succeded and ask them from their experiences?
Most successful students have a public profile on FaceBook, LinkedIn, or StackOverflow. The easiest thing to do is write a question on the CodeTap group on FaceBook. The address will be both on screen and in description if you are not able to do a simple search after the CodeTap term on the FaceBook portal. Everyone is friendly so do not wait anymore, ask them a question now! What I recommend you do not just limit yourself to a question.
Where is the place to study these courses?
Good question. Courses are online and pre-registered. In addition to this we solve real projects or interviews for jobs, in live or pre-recorded programs, both from CodeTap and from students of any level. Minimum weekly, 1 to 1 or group meetings.
What is the difference between free study and mentoring 1 to 1 ?
Differences are many. From a financial point of view, it's best to go out with a mentor. In the long run and short you get to win, in a way you can not believe that it is happening to you. At the same time, we are people and people are subject to just quit when it becomes difficult. If it is to set aside those who have a strong will, for the others with a mentor the chances of success can be called real and possible. With a mentor you have a high chance that in 10 years you'll earn £ 1 million more than without a mentor. That's if you pull hard. If you slow down or not, any extra money the mentor can get to your pocket may mean a house on your name paid in full or the opportunity to invest in your ideas or business. In short, with your mentor, you become effective in assimilating as much knowledge as possible, to have a profound understanding of them so you can speak with much self-control of them and be triumphant in interviews or contract proposals. How do you think you will feel when you are told: We had two more interviews tomorrow, but after the discussion with you, we'll call them to tell them it's canceled. The customers called and said they offered £ 50,000 on one condition: do not go into the next interview, go back to them and sign today.
How fast can I progress?
Good question. We are in touch with almost all CodeTap students and we pride ourselves on the fact that they all received at least a promotion, some being at the third in the first year. It all depends on you if you keep your foot pressed on the accelerator or not. CodeTap is here to make your life easier. Of course there is banal technique where you can be promoted with £ 1,200 extra per year or £ 15,000 extra per year. Here at CodeTap, the mentor will guide you to understand what suits you and how to take a step that is best for you.
How about the extra-curriculum freedom, how does this opportunity fulfill you?
Very good question. You create all day, art comes out of your hand. Your work is then used by tens, hundreds, millions of users. At the same time you do not think about money, you get enough financial freedom and investment power. You can concentrate on your ideas, family, friends, or other madness that represents you.
Can I create my own website?
The answer is: Of course! From the very first day you will have the opportunity to work on your own website and not only, you will have more. The first time you write a character, when you press a key, it will be the first character on your first website. Among many of the most common projects will be: "My CV" and "Quick Blog" or "My Portfolio" followed by "Boost my website" and others. All of these will be part of your online resume, will be public on GitHub and easy to digest by the eyes of employers. To finish, you will be working on your website from the first online project and you will be able to make websites from that moment, for you or for others, free or paid.
What are the requirements I have to meet as a student so that I can get employed as soon as possible?
To get hired in a short time you want two big things to do. The first is to devote as much time as practice and learning followed by the second where you want to listen to the mentor with both ears and focus on understanding as many techniques from a cours as possible and not on as many courses as possible. The first student god hired with only one course. He rebuilt it and within three months after he started the searches and some interviews later he succeeded. Long story short, your problem would be how to make more time for practice, learn and pay attention to what the mentor tells you, the rest are details.
Do you have facebook groups?
In English, we have the CodeTap group and a page on Facebook. The CodeTap page will also publish news about the life of a programmer. In Romanian, we have the page and "UK paid jobs" and have the same topics as English , but those in English have a higher activity.
How did you succed?
That's a question. Before succeeding, I was at the stage of making websites extraordinarily simple, by pressing buttons and customizing them from an interface that appears. I was able to do something to appear on the screen without knowing exactly what I'm doing. I was experimenting a lot. I saw an ad in the newspaper that Romaris in Constanta was searching for a Web Designer. I did not know what it meant, but I deduced there was something with websites. When I applied, I was called out of curiosity. I was the 51st candidate, all of them having graduated or undergoing a university with many project in their portfolio. I was told: I called you out of curiosity to see why you applied, because in the CV you seem to be the weakest. The story is long but I asked to give me some time and 1 - 2 projects to work on them. It followed a week at the "former" Candy Internet Cafe in Constanta, North Faleza, the first three days of which were sleepless, looking to solve the requirements of the two projects. The advantage was that I used the latest tricks found on the internet, while the others were a bit behind with the presentation. When I presented the two websites I was told they had never seen anything like that and that I had no doubt taken the job. It was animated heavely, text followed the cursor, cartoon characters talking to each other with custom text for the project. Effects on buttons, effects between transitions. Most were Drag & Drop, at that time I only knew 4-5 HTML tags, as if you knew 4-5 words in English. By the time I learned, day by day, and I got where I am today. In short, I managed with a lot of nerve and baldness. I do not say I was not afraid, my ears flushed, and I heard the pulse of my beating heart, the emotions and the fear. I succeeded because I said to myself: If I'm playing the game according to their rules and experience, I have no chance, I will be made porridge. So whatever I say will make it a promise that I can do in the future. And that was it, that's what I did the first time.
What exactly does the web development job involves?
Super question. Being a web developer, web developer, web dev, front end developer requires you to build and / or maintain websites. This can come in many ways: to discuss with the client and learn more about his vision, to make an execution plan with at least two variants and to present to the client, sketch, implement the design (WARNING, DESIGN does not fall under the competence of a web developer although a simple one can be done), make sure that all the functions of the website work the way we want it and that none is missing, and so on. This will take you much of your time. The other part will be occupied by research and experimentation. You want to continually discover how to solve different issues so you can create advantages for your customer. Research will be done using Google and social networks and you want to stay up with the trend to ensure your career growth. Besides, you will benefit personally by your own efforts or offered by the company where you work for professional training or attending business meetings or meeting programmers. Do not forget to always have a personal project where you can unleash at will and without limits. This is what the dev / web developer / front end developer job is about.
Apart from studying at home, are there any tests or exams before finishing the course?
They will certainly be. Depending on how hard you work, you will start searching for a job very quickly. Almost every time you pass the telephone interview, you will be given a test. We will read the test together and you will be guided how to understand and approach it. Once you have solved it, if it's free and the test is interesting, we'll schedule and resolve it with the other students. Tests will therefore be, only real tests, nothing fictional or imaginary. It will be exactly what you get at the interview, because its source will be from a real interview. Keep in mind, we stay with you until you get hired or a maximum of one year if you opt for 1 to 1 mentor, so you can not really get out of the tests so easily. Of all the students, I and Carol Enache managed to take interviews without giving a test, and the score was 3 - 1 for the Mentor. Congratulations Carol! Many more!
Which course is recomended for beginners?
All courses are designed and recommended for beginners. If you want to start in the recommended order, visit the website then use the menu to navigate to "Courses on YouTube" or "Courses on YouTube". Here you will find the recommended course order, a small description of where you can find out about what the course is and what it can help you, and a direct link that will take you to the YouTube list of the course where the lessons will be played automatically in the right order.
It is available international?
I do not understand the question. So I'll respond as best I can. The course is in digital format. It can be consumed on almost any device that can play movies. The skills and experience you gain from the CodeTap courses you will take with you to any country. In most developed countries, as long as you do not have a reputation, you will be tested. Almost nobody in the right mind no longer asks for diplomas, which is forgotten or, at best, optional or bonus. I do not deny that there are no situations in which to ask for diplomas. In my case, with thousands of phone calls received and I think over 200 face-to-face interviews, Skype, Zoom or others, I was just once asked for diplomas as well as the history of education. If you do, and you have completed the paid courses, you will still have a merit diploma, but I do not recommend working in a field where staff practice techniques for decades old.
Can I start with the free tutorials on Youtube and if I think that I like and it is for me can I start to study with the mentor?
A very common question. No one stops you from doing that. I really recommend you. I can not even tell if you started the classes on YouTube because they are public for everyone and do not remember the identity of the visitor. So you only know that you have taken courses on YouTube and I can only find out if you tell me this. I repeat, the mentor is meant to make your way easier, faster, moral support and push you up as high as possible. Let's not forget, today's important detail, to win as quickly as possible and as much as possible.
Do I need a laptop? or I can start to study even on an ipad?
You can start studying what you want and taking notes on what you can do. When it comes to being efficient and showing seriousness to your purpose, I recommend a Laptop or Desktop / PC. If you do not have, see to have the minimum of: 8G RAM (application memory), SSD or M.2 for storage, dual core or more for the processor. For some students I recommended "Lenovo refurbished" that spun at the price of £ 300. If you do it badly with the money, try to ask friend and closed ones to give you access to their PC / Laptop or find a library or public place where you get access.
How can I learn to write coding if I do not have experience at all?
As far as I remember, no one had the experience of writing, we were all born simple and equal. As we started to make lines, then letters and words, so in programming we will begin with basic concepts and we will evolve step by step. We will learn how to identify what we have to do, how to look for complete or partial solutions, and so on so that we cover and understand all the aspects we want to use to build and deliver on the web any webpage.
Who will hire me?
Very good question. There are thousands and thousands of ads for web developers in London. The demand for programmers is very high. All you want to do is to be equipped with techniques, technologies and methodologies that allow you to be extremely efficient and work very well in a team. Your luck is that this is what CodeTap does to get you formed. Students who opt for a 1-to-1 mentor will enter a team just like the next job and we will practice exactly what is done at work so that for you it feels nothing but a change of address or "job" .
Can you find an IT job even in another country?
Of course. As I have answered on other occasions, your acquired skills will help you find work anywhere in the world. I recommend that you focus on cities where IT investments are big, such as London, Berlin, New York or others. Do extensive Internet research before deciding. Of course you can become "Digital Nomad" if you like traveling. It combines work with the traveler and is in a continuous movement. Google can also be your friend this time if you want to know more about what Digital Nomad means.
How long does it take till you become a Senior Web Developer?
Wonderful question. I will start by listing several levels: starter, junior, middle, senior, expert, wizard, guru. As we notice the senior is in the middle and the road is not so long. Depending on your efforts and the help you get, you can become a senior between two and five years.
Are the courses just in english language or also translated in romanian?
Most courses are in English. A small part of the courses are recorded in Romanian or have Romanian subtitles. The main reason is clear. From the point of view of communication in the world of I.T., English is the most used. Starting with articles on the Internet, books, video courses, forums, work communication, and so on, English is blooming. You want the English courses to practice even more what you do day by day anyway and inevitably.
Many people have told to me that in order to be a good programmer you have to be good in math science, is this true?
I could put my hand in the fire that those people did not have the expertise to give advice but simply expressed their opinion from what they've heared. Cases in which math would create an advantage may be so rare that you can forget about them. You will acquire analytical thinking skills anyway while practicing programming through our courses, explained step by step, why do we do it and not otherwise, what hurts and how we treat the cause of pain, etc. Final answer: Definitely false.
What exactly does the Junior Web Developer mean?
As a Junior Web Developer you will smile a lot. You will have the opportunity to get to know and work with people very respectful, learn from the strongest and to take the first steps in your role of making the world better. You will feel like a child on the first day of school, full of enthusiasm many times, usually associated with the state of personal success or team, department or company. You will be knocking on the basics of programming and you will have the chance to solve tasks that will put you along with others quite quickly. As in coding, you are going to do conceptually the same things you did on CodeTap, possibly on the same syntax or programming languages, if not something like that. You will be guided and given help whenever possible.
What are the general job requirements?
The general requirements of the job differ from employer to employer. These requirements will be clearly published and transmitted to you in the job description. It is almost impossible for the requirements not to be presented during the job talk. At CodeTap you will learn how to identify a problem and apply a solution even if you do not know the solution or you know nothing. The general requirements are to have good basic knowledge of how websites work, what problems they can encounter in creating and maintaining them, and how to optimize responsive processes.
Is it hard to be a programmer?
Simple Answer: NO. If you're going to compare unloading freight, factory workers or warehouse packagers, the programmer's job is 10-100 times lighter and much more potent. Of course, it's 10-100 times easier to be a programmer with CodeTap.
Do you need some experience to start working as a junior web developer?
Here the answer is from own and repeated experience. Your experience in making websites weighs 3-4 times less than the power of persuasion. Marian Zburlea, the mentor (that is I, if I present this), hired himself just 7 days after he was interviewing his first job in this field, being the one with the least experience compared with the other 50 candidates. I repeat and stress this besides other methodologies to approach the interview until you truly understand and believe. The presentation technique counts much more than the experience. This applies to all levels. Often I was hired to do something that I did not even know anything about. I communicated this to the employer in a way that I would be preferred to someone with experience.
Are there companies which offer training courses?
After you get hired, most companies will have a budget for the personal development of their employees. There are very few companies that offer this before. At the same time CodeTap is in continuous negotiations with companies to facilitate the CodeTap students' employment process and to give those who notice through their effort the possibility of entering the service directly.
Is it a better idea to start with an apprenticeship or you can start as a junior?
The answer could be compared to the question: Is it better to sell the shares of a company on the first day of establishment or to sell after they increase their value? Do not misunderstand, as an apprentice is much better than none at all. If you have the option of becoming Junior or Medium from the first, it is more beneficial than the apprentice. What do you think?
Is there a diploma/certificate offered at the end of the course?
Of course, diplomas will be offered to complete paid courses. With these diplomas, you can use them proudly when you will be out of toilet paper. In 2019, the old resume is for recruiters only (although CodeTap is going to change that), the new CV is on GitHub and the diploma is given by any healthy project you were part of. If you can not be really good at your presentation you will get a test. You won't get rid of it, so the diploma is worthless. Do not be out of date, you might squeak.
I am interested in these courses, what should I do?
Contact CodeTap to be picked up and directed by an agent who will personally handle you. This will help you understand the current choices, so you can make the best choice for you.
If I choose to study just the free courses, what chances do I have to get employment?
The chances of getting hired in terms of the content are equal. The chances of getting to the end and be hired are very small. To advance in your career very quickly, very small. Chances to keep up with one that is mentored, probably 1 in 1000. The "You Never Know What You Do not Know" principle applies 100%. Suppose you have iron will and fear is not present in your vocabulary. You motivate yourself and do not let any obstacle stand in your face. On average until you become productive, it may take 2 years.
How many programming languages do I need to study?
We start with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and stay with them as beginners. To master them at a very good level as well as additional libraries will keep you busy for years. Of course, as long as you like something, it's good to experiment with it. So if you're looking at Python, Go or others, be free to unleash yourself.
If I have questions, who can I ask?
If the questions are related to your way to interact with CodeTap, your agent is the first one you want to greet day by day. If questions are related to code, you first ask Google. If you are not good at clarifying yourself, the next step is to ask the CodeTap or StackOverflow community if you do not have a mentor, and if you have a mentor, ask the CodeTap question and notify the mentor if the question is urgent.
How can I study if I do not live in London?
Like all the other students living in London. The study can be done anywhere, the most common in the comfort of your favorite home-based home. It is preferable and recommended to be able to move to interviews once you start with them. For example, Dorin Dumitrascu started for a month and a bit from Constanta, Romania, after that he moved to London. Iulian Cârnaru learned from a few hundred miles from London and traveled for interviews. Only two of the students took interviews in Romania.
How long do you have to study until I can master programming?
A short answer would be: All your Life. But after a while you get to know how to do everything and you will be attracted to the responsibility of other team members, one or more projects, one or more teams. You'll master coding once you reach the middle level to senior. From there, you can do whatever you want, even if you don't know the answer or the solution.
Remote is a kind of meeting?
Yes, it's just a meeting where we have the opportunity to talk with voice and video, share what's on our screen or others, and have your computer under the control of one of the members or control a member's computer to solve a problem problem. We do remotes randing from once a week to even a few times a day. We do as many times as necessary and possible.
Can you work and study in the same time?
Of course you can. Most students opt for this choice. I'm saying it's not the best. If you can ask for help from your family or loved ones, to support you how they can, the best option is to dedicate 25 hours a day if you can. The more, the quicker you will succeed.
What it is about in the courses?
Courses are real projects or at least inspired by real projects. In what courses are required, then we divide the big requirements into smaller requirements, these in even smaller requirements until they can no longer be divided. You will find out how to solve a solution, how to turn to resources when you are in difficulty s.a.m.d. Practically it's practice.
Why are you well paid in IT?
Programmers can write instructions to the computer that allow them to perform operations quickly and safely so that no one is needed to perform that task. For example, an online store can automate the delivery and sales process. Thus, rent, wages, etc., drop to very little to zero. At the same time you do not really see people fighting eachother on the street "who will become the first programmer"? Therefore, for a business, the programmer considerably decreases certain expenses and increases the volume of service, sales, etc. There are not too many programmers so the bid is on and the market price stays high, otherwise those who do not offer it risk their staff leaving to whom will appreciate them properly
Java Developer, IOS or ANDROID, which is better paid and easy to learn?
Android is Java or Java-based, all of them are equally hard to learn and all are well paid. So if we have to pick one, we'll give toss a coin. If it's heads, of the three we choose HTML, CSS and JavaScript, if it is heads, we choose CSS, HTML and JavaScript.
How much knowledge of JavaScript must a person have before he/she can apply for work?
Not at all or minimal. You can apply from the first day when you have no knowledge of programming. It's one of the techniques I've been applying for over 20 years and it works great. Of course there are cases where more JavaScript knowledge can benefit you, but no interview is the same.
How long does the first course last and how much I can earn with this job?
How long it lasts depends entirely on you. There are students who finish the course one day while others in a week or a month. It really depends on whether you have a mentor, if you pay attention to what you are advised and you will progress at maximum speed. The earning average of Junior CodeTap students in 2018 was £ 33,500 per year. The seniors' record for a single client is £ 171,600 per year, which is aimed at being shot down by another student.
How long does it take to learn HTML and CSS?
The basics you'll learn in 5-10 minutes. The rules are extremely simple. In one day you are already comfortable with them. The rest of the way from Starter to Junior, Mid, Senior, Expert, Wizard and Guru can take months, years or a lifetime.
How is your reaction when you cannot find a solution and cannot do the work?
Make a brief summary of your attempts and find a senior person or mentor and communicate your steps. In most cases, it will be able to guide you and explain to you more: what approaches you can have, how you choose the best. At CodeTap mentored students learn to communicate practically and freely, these two being needed to help you find the solution.
How is a normal day in a programmer's life?
Tomorrow I wake up early, at 7:20 I go to work. At 8, I park the car and start work by reviewing what I did yesterday and write down that. I start working on tasks or take new ones to tackle. At 10 we have stand-ups, where we meet the whole team and communicate what we did yesterday and what we're planning to do today. At 12, I drive to White City to recharge my vegan batteries. After lunch, we continue to work and I leave work at 4 o'clock. At home I start with the students and now it's 2:59 in the morning, when I write these words.
What is the difference between a web developer and a web designer
The web developer and web designer can sometimes be the same person. Web designer is usually someone with a pleasant imagination who knows how to express themselves as an artist to create the looks of a website or an application. He is into style and fashion trends. The web developer takes that design and writes the codes to implement it on the page to make it go according to the requirements. The web designer does not need much knowledge to do something minimalist when the web developer needs a lot more. Generally a web designer earns much less than a web developer.
Are the courses accredited?
Currently courses are not accredited. The better question would be for you. What would you prefer, courses made by fruitful experts, real projects and fresh information, or accredited courses made from books and out of date for 10 years or more? The diploma job is for Romania, here in England you'll be put to the test. If you know how to do it in an impressive way, you go further, if you do not, you take the diplomas and all your toys and you move the tent elsewhere.
I need to know English for hiring and working in the field
The rule is not to know English, the rule is to know conversationally the main language spoken in that country. For those who know how to speak English at the basic level, conversationally, I assure you that for the beginning is more than enough. The rest you learn on the go. I use the time spent in public transport to enrich my knowledge of English and vocabulary.
Will you provide the job immediately after the course?
I have already answered the question, "Is the commitment to the offer of the paid study guaranteed?". I repeat, all those who followed the mentor's advice and did everything they could to achieve their goal succeeded. The courses end after you get hired or at most one year from the start date.
Are other web courses available for free on other sites?
Yes, similar courses, in the thousands, are both free and paid. Easy-to-learn advanced beginner courses, how to build a resume that the mentor and all his students are using? ... almost nonexistent. How to make money and career, not by reading from a book, but from your own experience? almost nonexistent. Besides, we offer all our content for free, on YouTube, you have all the time you need for your time. How many content creators offer all the material for free from their paid courses? I can not wait to meet one, I have not heard of him / her yet.
I have a question, are you earning this money?
The mentor and two of the top CodeTap students earn between £ 100,000 and £ 200,000 each, annually, with the possibility this year that one of them jumps to the £ 200,000 threshold. They are followed by 5-6 students earning between £ 50,000 and £ 100,000. Those remaining earn between £ 30,000 and £ 50,000 each.
Are people accepted for training?
In the first year since CodeTap's launch, all courses and mentoring were free. In the second year they were halved in price. There are no discounts for mentoring at this time. Discuss with an agent and find out about discounts for paid lessons without a mentor. Anyone can access them.
What is the maintenance of sites or site creation?
Good question. Examples that you want to fix from website maintenance are: "Update your email acceptance email," "Price does not update when we change the delivery method," "Results do not update after filtering," and from Creating "Implement service provider template", "Implement login using Facebook, Instagram, and Tweeter," "Update the menu to be mobile, tablet and desktop responsive." Requirements come in all shapes and colors, and you, if you choose the mentor, will enter the CodeTap team where you will solve such tasks continuously, so it will not be new to you.
What guarantees do you make for this money?
All successful students make good money and are always growing. This is I.T. when you are a PROSpeaker. Go on Gooagle and look, document yourself, and understand that I did not invent the Grail, I just open you a door to a world you never knew it existed. Among the payment methods are two warranties offered by CodeTap. One is that if you hired for less than £ 30,000 per year, CodeTap continues until you are promoted or get hired elsewhere else on a minimum of £ 30,000 or up to one year from the start date. The second is: if you make the full payment and opt to get your money back, after one year of being unsuccessful, you start to get your money back.
What kind of collaboration contracts are there?
Once you succeed and you hire, the first course giving you the opportunity to earn an average of £ 30,000 to £ 50,000 a year, once you have finished paying for it, you can opt for Level 2, where more or less helps you jump somewhere between £ 70,000 and £ 100,000 a year. After jumping £ 100,000 a year we can discuss Level 3, but it's a long way to beat. First you want to prove merit by doing.
What do you need to do more specifically at courses?
You want to follow the course content step by step, you want to ask a lot of questions and you want to understand how everything works. You will practice from the first day and you will learn while you are doing. You want to do as many mistakes as possible to get as much experience as possible. You want to collaborate with other team members as much as possible, you want to communicate as much as possible and you want to be very careful about the mentor's guidance. Usually he will not give you the solution, but will help you identify the problem and get to the solution.
What's the hardest, front-end or back-end developer?
I could say they are just as hard or just as easy. There is a term called "learning curve", which I can describe as the required time from scratch and until you master the technology so well that someone will pay you for it. Learning curve was reduced by CodeTap in courses from 2 to 3 years to 1 to 3 months. We chose the right technologies, we designed the courses to gradually assimilate the concepts and repeat what is imported to be the master of them.
What does it mean to work as a Freelancer?
As a freelancer means that you are providing services as a web developer working from wherever you want. As far as I know, it is the second most opted for opportunity. PRO: It's very similar to being hired in what you do except you are your own boss. Most of your time is spent on small and medium-sized projects and you're aiming to get them ready within the set deadline. I could say that most of the freelancers are happy to make their own work schedule. CON: You could earn less than an employee, usually due to the lack of skills in business development and sales. You could experience stress in finding customers. You'll want to waste some of your time with paperwork.
Do you write code from scratch or work with cms like: Wordpress, Joomla?
We do not even touch Wordpress or Joomla. I do not know anyone directly or someone who knows someone else who has been very successful with these technologies. I do not know any super mega customer happy because she chose these technologies. There were times when I was surrounded by 10 or 100 people who earned over £ 100,000 a year using the technologies chosen in the CodeTap courses. All projects are written from scratch and all projects are inspired by real projects or are real projects themselves.
What programming language do you work in? Php?
Good question. On the Front End we will work with: React, Redux, Angular 2+, HTML 4/5, CSS 2/3, SEO, ECMAScript 6 (ES6 / 7,8), JavaScript, Webpack 1/2, UI Material, RxJS , TypeScript, UI, UX, D3, Jest, TDD / BDD, Chai, Mocha, SMACSS / OOCSS, Foundation, Bootstrap, AngularJS, Grunt, Gulp, Handlebars, Sass, Photoshop, Illustrator, WAI or others. On the Back End side we will work with: NodeJS, Pug / Jade, Firebase, Blockchain, MySQL, Git, Linux, Amazon AWS (S3, CloudFront), ActionScript, XML, JSON, Nginx. Among other things we will also use: Jira, Rally, Agile, Windows, Linux, Mac, DOS / CLI, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. The most common ones will be: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and ReactJS.
How much do the courses cost?
On YouTube the courses are Free Forever!
Where can I attend the courses?
We live in 2018 so let's take advantage of the technology and be more efficient. Most of the time the courses are online. If you need help I can remote to your PC/Laptop and help you fix it. Several times a week I'm available at CodeTap studio, two times a month helping Free Code Camp at Code Node in Moorgate as well as lot's of coffee time in Central London.
How long does it take to get hired?
It all depends on you, how much free time you have and how hard will you push to make it happen. The record of a Junior Web Developer through CodeTap, on the second place is in 1 month and 17 days, held by Razvan Puscasu. On the first place is me, in 7 days, from Zero to Hired. Others made it in 2, 3, 4, 5 ... 12 months depending on their level of comfort and if they had a job to do to sustain them in their quest.
What's the difference between Free and 1 to 1 mentor in terms of advantages?
The Free version, on average, takes a lot longer until you succeed and lots of headaches along the journey. I as a mentor will be there with you until you get hired, making all the content easy to digest based on your personality, showing you how to pull the ropes to get a better deal, mastering the interview process, how to craft your CV to get tens of calls a day, how to understand the technology and speak freely about it in an interview of in a pitch to a client and many more.
What chances do I have to succeed?
So far all the students that followed my lead and put in the effort have succeeded. That's 100% success rate. I'm doing my best and so should you to keep that percentage unchanged!
When can I start?
In the current format you can start yesterday :) or whenever you are ready. I'd say the sooner the better for you!
Whom will hire me?
There are thousands of jobs on the market. My aim is to make you wantable and not just that. We've already hit twice the level of nailing an interview with no tests asked and a job offer same day. Yes, you can become that good! Think about it, it'll apply for the rest of your career, not just the first time.
How's the atmosphere of 1 to 1 mentor like?
When you join CodeTap as a Premium Student, you'll encounter a flexible timetable that suits you and you'll be working in a real world remote team setup. You'll be using software that other companies do, do meetings as they do, with the exception that you don't produce work for CodeTap, all the projects you work on are yours. You gain knowledge and experience crazy fast while owning your work, which of course comes in handy in your portfolio.

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